About Tri-State Integrated Solutions

Headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa, Tri-State equips healthcare providers in the upper Midwest with state-of-the-art speech recognition, transcription, dictation, and computerized coding systems. With the option to buy, lease, or rent our systems, we can work within our customers’ budgets to meet their business needs. With over 30 years of experience with healthcare clinical documentation technologies, we understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Meet the Team

Mark Richardson

For close to 30 years, Mark Richardson has been providing businesses in Sioux City and surrounding areas with high-quality dictation, transcription, and computer-assisted coding software. He works hard to foster honest, upfront relationships with his clients and taking care of customers is always his top priority.

Scott Cavitt
VP Regional Sales

During his 10 years with Tri-State, Scott Cavitt has focused on providing dictation, transcription and speech recognition system sales to help clients meet their business needs for cost-effective documentation. With the recent addition of computer-assisted coding, he is expanding the focus to include timely reimbursement for services. Partnering his philosophy to always put the customer first with state-of-the-technology services, Scott is dedicated to making Tri-State your complete vendor for documentation and computer-assisted coding.

Pam Masching
Office Manager

The office manager position is responsible for maintaining the flywheel of the office. Pam Masching’s duties include the responsibility for directing and coordinating office services and related activities, including keeping management informed by reviewing and analyzing reports, compiling data and identifying growth trends. Pam is also responsible for company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff.

Sean Richardson
Director of Marketing and Sales

After graduating Morningside College with degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration in Sioux City, IA, Sean began working for the family company. Since Sean has started, he has taken Tri-State through innovative doors that were left unopened, including the development of products for Google Glass and various mobile/web applications.