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  • Versatile License
  • 2013 Best of KLAS Award
  • Create and Enter Routines
  • Front and Back End Capabilities
  • Patented SpeechEMR Technology
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Fusion Suite

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Fusion Voice is enterprise dictation management. From the largest hospitals and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) to clinics and physician offices, more depend on Fusion to run their daily business of dictation than any other system. Of all methods, the telephone is the easiest and most accessible connection to the dictation system. However, Fusion Voice offers many other options to meet the needs of your entire dictating and transcribing staff. Our complete list of options include Telephone Dictation, PC-based Dictation, Mobile Solution,  PC-Based Transcription and Station Based Transcription.

Highly productive, customizable and completely integrated; these are crucial components essential for every healthcare document management system. Dolbey transcription software is recognized as the industry leader for features and customer satisfaction. Extend in-house functionality to remote workers with ease while maintaining control. Manage reports from dictation to signature, distribution to final document archival in this highly customizable and feature rich system.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Industry Adherence
  • Physician Focus
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cost v.s. Profit Center
  • Configurable Distribution
  • View and Sign
  • Complete Management

Speech recognition is the most significant technology development in the dictation and transcription industries. Without physician training, or changes in practice patterns, Fusion Speech® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™ harnesses this powerful technology for facility-wide deployment in nearly every medical specialty. Capture dictation with Fusion Voice®, process the dictation through Fusion Speech, and boost transcription productivity in Fusion Text®. The Fusion modules drive cost savings in reoccurring labor and outsourcing fees. This is the speech recognition solution you have envisioned.

Fusion SpeechEMR™ offers physicians the ability to utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application. The new feature of Fusion Expert® allows a physician to use speech recognition with recognized text inserted into almost any free form text area without the need of specialized integration to the third party application. By integrating Fusion SpeechEMR into Fusion Expert, physicians now have the ability to dictate into not only Fusion reports, but also medical reporting applications of any vendor or type. The Fusion Suite™ of products, which includes Fusion Expert, uses a single platform for any mode of physician dictation or speech recognition.

The business of medical coding is facing regulatory changes in ICD-10 that require a major restructuring of systems, policies, job descriptions and workflow.  The transition, as experienced elsewhere, poses the potential for massive productivity losses and an increase in denials which will negatively impact revenue.  The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has identified computer-assisted coding as one of the most important technologies to help with the challenges of ICD-10. Fusion CAC can play a major role in a thoughtful plan toward preparing for this change.  Computer-Assisted Coding is defined as software that suggests codes to human coders for validation.  The process increases productivity while sponsoring better revenue capture through more thorough coding.  Fusion CAC accomplishes this and much more.  By utilizing natural language processing (NLP) technology, Fusion presents NLP coded charts to human coders to validate the results before processing the codes to billing.  Fusion CAC can increase productivity, decrease variability, identify problem documentation for a quick return on investment.