Fusion CAC

Product Summary
Fusion CAC is a Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) solution that will revolutionize your coding process by increasing productivity and automating manual tasks to have a direct impact in meeting your current and future coding challenges. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in combination with proprietary and patent-pending algorithmic data abstraction, Fusion CAC is fast, consistent and unique in the industry.

Analytics Sophisticated Reporting
For many, the process of coding incorporates several systems. This leaves coding leadership with very few automated reporting tools. With Fusion CAC, you can report on nearly every event that occurs in your coding process. This new, innovative approach to outcome analysis can lead to smarter managerial decisions regarding staff, workflow, physician documentation and revenue.

The Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your backlog, completed charts and billed charts in real time. For multi-site organizations, view data from the top or focus on the detail of one hospital or one group of users. Review statistics of expected revenue daily as well as inpatient and outpatient discharges. Drill down by day, by coder or by patient account to review the history of coding events and the system’s performance.

ICD-10 Preparedness
Fusion CAC can play a major role in a thoughtful plan toward preparing for this change. Computer-Assisted Coding is defined as software that suggests codes to human coders for validation. The process increases productivity while sponsoring better revenue capture through more thorough coding. Fusion CAC accomplishes this and much more.

By utilizing natural language processing (NLP) technology, Fusion presents NLP coded charts to human coders to validate the results before processing the codes to billing. Fusion CAC can increase productivity, decrease variability and identify problem documentation for a quick return on investment.

Enterprise Wide Inpatient, Outpatient Coding and CDI
Fusion CAC utilizes an NLP coding engine that is ready to code on day one. Fusion CAC’s NLP has already been tuned with coding standards and best practices by processing millions of documents in live hospital sites since 2005. Fusion CAC has processed more inpatient and outpatient charts than any other CAC product in the market.

Consider the power of Fusion CAC beyond post discharge coding. Fusion’s NLP engine is the industry’s only concurrent coding solution. As soon as a patient chart holds just a few documents, the NLP engine goes to work to identify both procedure and diagnosis codes. Combine this with exclusive logic that automatically computes a running DRG and you have an unparalleled solution for clinical documentation improvement and case management.