Fusion SpeechEMR

Power your EMR with Speech Recognition
Fusion SpeechEMR allows physicians and other caregivers to utilize speech recognition within the EMR or other applications. By integrating Fusion SpeechEMR into Fusion Expert, you can not only dictate reports into Fusion, but also reporting applications of other vendors. The Fusion Suite of products uses a single platform for any mode of physician dictation or speech recognition.

Fusion SpeechEMR provides numerous enhancements as well as many features inherited from the “Traditional” front-end speech recognition mode of Fusion Expert.

The most important feature of Fusion SpeechEMR is that it is an “integration-less” mode of Fusion Expert, meaning that there is no need for interfaces with a RIS/HIS system. Nor does it require any client-side integration work from the EMR or third party application vendor.

Functionality – Powerful Features
Inherited from the traditional Fusion Expert front-end speech recognition, Routines (templates/normals) provide users with rapid entry of text, saving time and improving accuracy. While many of the same voice commands familiar to users in front-end speech recognition are also available in Fusion SpeechEMR, they can also create their own voice commands to further control the EMR application.

Flexible – Customizable Flow
Fusion SpeechEMR has been designed to be fl exible enough to accommodate many different types of text windows. Each vendor application text window can be configured with different methods of interaction.

Need to look up vital signs or check the latest lab values while you are dictating – no problem. Once a Fusion SpeechEMR dictation has been initiated, the user can navigate and place focus on any other application during the process of dictating. Neither Fusion Expert nor the other application needs to maintain focus in order to continually capture additional dictation, allowing for a seamless workflow for the user.

Compact Design – User Friendly Display
The Fusion SpeechEMR Wait/Ready screen has a space saving design that takes very little display real estate and is built for ease of use. The title bar instructs users how to begin a dictation, via keyboard or microphone. Also included on the wait screen are “Main Window” and “Manual Entry” options.

The Multiple Display Modes feature of Fusion SpeechEMR has introduced three display modes with various characteristics designed to maximize the user experience and ease of use. These display modes detect and attach to active application windows.

Another user friendly feature is the Record Indicator, which clearly designates what area of the screen is Fusion Expert and what area is the application via a border. The border will change color depending on the current action being taken by the user.

Adaptability – Smart System
Users can quickly move from one PC to another, confi dent that they will get the same high level of recognition independent of their physical location through Profile Synching. On a local area network it typically takes less than 10 seconds to download a user’s updated profile. The system can also automatically download updated profiles upon logoff.

With Background Adaptation, the system will adapt and learn the user’s voice and contextual patterns with continued use. Coupled with profile synching, the adaptation provides unique advantages for a distributed work environment in which one user may need to dictate at many different locations.

The Centralized Language Model Management gives the system administrator the ability to add or delete words, abbreviations, phrases and even change pronunciations.

The users can also add words directly into the system from Fusion Expert. This gives them the ability to create words and/or phrases that can be recognized immediately without the need for an administrator to add them to the server.