Fusion Text

Medical Transcription System
Medical transcription software must perform beyond the creation of documents. Fusion Text® delivers a highly productive transcription application supported by rich downstream features, including electronic signature, HL-7 integration, automated distribution and detailed management reporting.

With Fusion Text, transcriptionist productivity is enhanced by features such as spell check, expander vocabularies and quick access to routines. Plus, integration with patient registration, demographics and order systems eliminates redundancy while insuring the integrity of the data as it is passed from Fusion Text to your Health Information System or Electronic Health Record.

Our product development, project management and integration experience has been built upon decades of listening to and working with our valued customers. Our solutions are tailored to fi t your needs and aid in accelerating your return on investment. Fusion Text is scalable from single department installations to enterprise-wide corporate deployments, depending on your facility’s specific

High Transcription Productivity

Transcriptionists will experience a significant increase in daily line production by using the Fusion Text productivity tools. Personal and global report normals, medical and pharmaceutical dictionary and spell check, addendum tools, report search and keyboard shortcuts all combine to create an environment for speed and quality.

Experienced Systems Integration

By integrating ADT and orders data into the Fusion system, transcription will gain productivity while assuring the consistent reliability of chart demographics. After documents are typed, Fusion can send entire reports or report elements, discreet data, to your Electronic Health Record, Health Information System or departmental system. Dolbey’s experience has led to established integration with nearly every major software vendor in the healthcare industry.

Increase Transcription Bandwidth
Requirements for more comprehensive digital documentation and faster patient care are driving forces behind the trend of increasing dictation volumes and, consequently, more transcription output. Healthcare providers are also leveraging technologies to meet these requirements and while providing quicker turnaround times. Fusion Text provides productivity-driven tools that allow you to manage higher volumes of work without increasing staff. It also provides a true return in time savings and productivity, reduces your dependency on high cost outsourcing, increases transcription bandwidth and reduces document turnaround time.

Physician Convenience
Through Fusion Text, your clinicians can securely and quickly access their reports through an Internet browser from home, office, hospital or off-site. Physicians can view, sign and edit reports to speed document turnaround and availability. Also, with confi gurable rules, the application’s iDocview™ feature even meets the needs of academic facilities that require multiple signatures and more complex signing relationships.

Management and Productivity Reporting
The Custom Management Report features rich data with customized views that focus on tracking productivity, employee time, work volume and trends. Use this tool to design your own report by selecting the columns, grouping levels, sorting, criteria, and various other options. Output detailed lists or create quick executive summaries including color charts and graphics.

Flexible Document Distribution

The flexible report distribution of Fusion Text reduces manual effort and provides essential audit trails along with logs of where and to whom patient information has been sent. Users can print real-time or to patient fl oors, fax to multiple destinations determined by recipient preferences and even email reports to ordering and attending physicians with secure encryption and password protection.